The Daily Servant of Power


Today’s servant of power is:

Liu XiaoBo

The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner is notorious for his unwavering support of every US military campaign in history:

The major wars that the US became involved in are all ethically defensible.

-Liu XiaoBo, “Lessons from the Cold War” (1996)

Political views:

  • Unwavering support for the Bush administration’s war on Iraq
  • Unwavering support for Israeli aggression against its neighbours which he views as the fault of the “provocateur” Palestinians [1]
  • Views Islam as intolerant and blood-thirsty [1]

Rewards granted for shameless support of terror:

  • being played up as a hero in Western media outlets
  • 2010 Nobel Peace Prize
  • obvious expectation that the power of the West will inevitably rescue him from any dire circumstance including imprisonment



The right to revolution is a natural right.

It doesn’t matter that they didn’t include the right to revolution in the US constitution.   The right to revolution is a natural right. 

Worshipping the US constitution is a sin against nature and the divine consciousness that exists within the purer realms of our human psyches.