The Daily Servant of Power


Today’s servant of power is:

Alan Greenspan

If it’s true that he recommended keeping a baseline level of poverty to create worker insecurity to “stimulate” the economy, then he has already destroyed one of the fundamental tenets used to justify capitalism.  Capitalism is supposed to raise people out of poverty and result in everyone having more.  It inherently cannot do that if a baseline level of poverty is maintained.

Again, people like Greenspan couldn’t care less about the public.  He is there to maintain a ‘mindless-consumption’-economy that is “properly” under the control of the business élite and nothing more.

Those who are willing to create an environment of financial insecurity for those at the lower levels of the economic ladder ensure that they never have to experience that anxiety themselves.

via Shambhala

People like Greenspan, to me, represent a branch of finance and economics I like to refer to as “A-hole economics.”

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