The Daily Servant of Power


I haven’t watched FOX since the first American X-Factor and I NEVER watch FOX news.

First of all: yes, I’m aware half of my posts are “why I hate Samantha Power” or “…my friend, Jon…”  (most likely redolent of Nina and her “friend Binnie” from Just Shoot Me.)  Having said that:

While I was looking up dirt on Samantha Power, I stumbled across the following:

Samantha Power Refuses to Answer Directly if America Committed or Sponsored Atrocities in Rwanda

I was so shocked watching this – almost speechless.  The shock and indignation that speaker displays over the idea of protecting the Palestinians from Israeli aggression and the way they portray Samantha Power as someone who actually speaks up for Middle-Easterners outside of wiping them out in order to liberate them…

It’s like living in the twilight zone.


My stance on Samantha Power:


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Article by Noam Chomsky:


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