The Crooks and the Tyrants


The phony intellectuals serve many people who call the shots from behind the scenes.  A lot of the time we don’t even get a glimpse at who these people are or what they are really like until something catastrophic happens unfortunately.

“The big boss – he should be first. He was the big boss of the MMA and he came here with this attitude like he wasn’t affected by what happened, by all these people whose lives were lost.”

via Charge the ‘right people’, residents urge

Again, the whole argument traditional capitalists give for why men like Burkhardt deserve more pay than the rest of us is because they are supposed to incur more risk and responsibility.  The traditional capitalists are quick to defend men like Burkhardt when he is getting his “fair pay” but now it’s supposed to be his turn to take on “fair responsibility.”  Why aren’t more of them calling him out?

Edward Burkhardt

How Edward Burkhardt Is Making The Lac Megantic Accident Even Worse

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