Islamophobia is the White House’s Weapon to Control the Muslim World



23423422Hatred of Islam became a noticeable part of the Western political establishment at the end of last century, when there was a significant increase in political and economic activity among Muslim states, as well as in their role in providing energy security to Europe and North America. Muslim countries received a significant impulse from the victory of the Iranian Revolution in 1979, and since 2010 revolutionary activity has become more acute in many states, resulting in the Arab Spring.

Iran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a meeting with the country’s leadership and ambassadors from Muslim countries on 31 August 2011, characterized the Islamic political awakening: “Today Muslim society is experiencing important events… the Islamic awakening and experience, which is now being gained by some Muslim countries, has led their people to decide their own destiny.This is a very important and valuable historical development. The events that are taking…

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