Anti-Democratic Anarcho-Capitalism: Total Scam


I’ve never heard of anything dumber than anarcho-capitalism which opposes democracy and the current state system, but thinks all property/wealth gained under the current, unethical system should be preserved even after it is abolished.  Many use the terms “voluntaryism” or “anarcho-libertarianism” to mask a system solely revolving around rich people unfairly owning everything and the majority having no ability to reclaim the earth as free, voluntary association.

In their minds, the rich have the right to defend unfairly acquired wealth using machine guns and personal armies, but the majority using democracy to reclaim property they never consented to conceding in the first place is categorized as “theft.”

I was completely wrong when I said there was a split in the left.  These phoney-leftists opposing democracy have one basic argument: “As long as you leave rich people’s stuff alone and don’t use democracy to take back what rightfully belongs to the public, you are free to do whatever you want.”

10 thoughts on “Anti-Democratic Anarcho-Capitalism: Total Scam

  1. Democracy steals from the public. You talk about unjust property gained under the current system… that is HOW they gained it, by 51% voting to redistribute the wealth to the rich, using the government. A collapse of this system would mean the collapse of the dollar… they would not retain their state protected wealth.


    • It’s not democracy that allowed them to attain the wealth they have. It’s plutocracy. If people actually used direct democracy and there were referendums for every issue, you’d begin to see that it’s not democracy that allows the rich to have so much.


        • Yeah, but everybody has a different perspective of right and wrong. On top of that, each person has different selfish desires. Minorities would have a voice because democracy requires freedom of speech. It’s also foolish to think that democracy consists of a single majority and single minority. Each vote is going to be different. Sometime you are part of the minority. Sometimes you are part of majority. Who is in minority is always fluctuating anyway.

          On top of that, would you prefer majority ruling themselves or a minority ruling humanity? How is 1% dictating over all better than 51% ruling over all. It’s obvious that democracy is more fair.


          • Those aren’t the only two options. We could each rule ourselves, and not initiate force on anyone else, which is what anarchy calls for. 51% or 1% ruling is both unjust, because they are using force without provocation.


            • Have you seen all the violent psychos on this planet who steal other people’s land, call it their own, use guns to enforce their will on others and call it self-defence? They’ll do evil because they can. Then a bunch of people who suck up to sinister elitism will lie and say that such actions are okay and pretend there is some logical reason behind such property theft.

              Democracy is a natural right and people also have a right to vote to punish anybody who tries to get in the way of the democratic process. People who want to supplant democracy and replace it with their will are menaces to society.

              Saying “everybody should just do this, everybody should just do that” and expecting everybody to just psychically follow along without doing a vote to see if everybody consents with it is just stupid. Says who that everybody needs to do what one person or another tells them to do? Everybody has a different opinion. Thus, people need to take a survey of all the opinions in the region and go with the MAJORITY. That’s the fairest thing.

              Everything else is just douchebags who want to maintain sinister elitism for themselves and their cronies.


              • No, it is not fair to force your will on people whether it is one king, or 150 million kings. Democracy still benefits some at the expense of the rest. Everybody should do whatever they want, as long as it does not hurt anyone else. Using the majority as a measure for what is right or just is a terrible scenario. At times, 51% of people would certainly have chosen to keep slavery legal, or stop woman or gays from having the same rights.


                • No, you enforcing your will and forcing everybody to put democracy on hold is tyranny itself. I’m not an idiot. I know people like you are secretly trying to maintain tyranny.

                  For example, property rights are not real. You cannot steal a piece of land that is supposed to be shared amongst all, declare it yours, and protect it with machine guns so the general public has no access to it anymore. However, somebody like you would completely condone that.

                  You are also somebody who should be smart enough to know that lack of democracy sets up a power vacuum that allows elites to seize control over humanity.

                  You are blatantly lying when you try to paint this phoney picture of a world without democracy where everybody just naturally gets along and leaves everybody else alone (but land theft is completely fine.) The ONLY way there can be true peace is under democracy. Without democracy and with land/property theft, a rich elite invariably rise up to take control over humanity and that is exactly what you want.

                  Don’t lie to my face. I know that anyone who does not support democracy is actually secretly trying to create conditions for tyranny of a minority.


                  • Apparently you are an idiot, to be so aloof to my point that you have to accuse me of supporting tyranny. Direct democracy leads to tyranny, yet I am not going to accuse you of promoting tyranny. I actually think you are TRYING to help with what you advocate, and doing exactly what the elites want. They control the mobs! With their money, they will get the 51% to support whatever they want. Property is based on improving something. If you simply claim a piece of land, no it is not yours. If you build on it, grow crops on it, and use it then yes it is yours. How else can we grow food that people need? If I put tons of effort into growing food, and people just come along and take it saying, “well that land belongs to everyone,” guess what, I am not putting that effort in next time around, because the products of my labor will be stolen. THAT is what you are for, stealing, theft, robbery, and violence. That is what mob rule, direct democracy is. Great talk though, I am glad you brought out the “I am evil card” because it shows me you are not after truth, or a meaningful discussion. It was fun before this post, but I am out. I wish you the best.


                    • There is only “tyranny” of the majority or tyranny of some minority. Nobody is just going to psychically agree to the land theft and property rights of a minority of people who selfishly and arbitrarily declared the planet to be theirs.

                      Step 1: Selfish minority declare all land theirs. People have NO democracy to stop them from doing it.
                      Step 2: Selfish people use machine guns and personal armies to protect their stolen goods.
                      Step 3: Property owners enslave humanity because only way for others to make a living now is to work for thieves.
                      Step 4: Property owners get together and draft up a new constitution that serves them alone at the expense of the public and create a system that protects their property rights against will of the majority.
                      Step 5: This new state entity now has police that enforce will of minority on majority in “self-defence.”
                      Step 6: This new state must engage in endless growth, warfare, and expansion to distract from the original sin of land theft.


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