Britain and the US …


Britain and the US like to prove to the World that “democratic” states can be more wicked than autocratic ones and they’ve succeeded with flying colours!

Again, the discussion needs to shift to direct democracy, not totalitarianism.  This makes supporters of imperialistic democracy angry.  Why is that?

The Daily Servant of Power


Today’s servant of power is:

William Golding

“Lord of the Flies” is an incredible work of propaganda, in my opinion.  We need to worship a piece of artifice or there will be nothing but “jungle” madness.  All naturalness is barbarism.

One of my professors, who is a business lawyer, described the business world as a “jungle” (though he was in ardent support of capitalism.)

How does it make any sense then that “naturalness” is barbarism when our institutions of power are creating “jungle-like” conditions for all of humanity?

How does it make any sense for these “seashells of stability” to create artificial environments where only the very few get to enjoy decadence and “society” but force the rest of humanity to feel the pressures of living in a mad, chaotic jungle where we need to fend for ourselves?  (Especially when the point of entering into the social contract is escaping so-called savagery and barbarism.)

In my opinion, our conception of savagery versus civilization is completely backwards.  Naturalness is more humane and civilized than all of this artificial barbarism that tries to pass itself off as civilization.

Lord of the Flies stops people from questioning systems of power because it implies we will fall into chaos, when, in reality, our current scenario and systems of power are creating artificially chaotic conditions for everyone but the high elites.

Again, the point of entering into a social contract (which I don’t recall signing by the way) was that we were to be taken out of the “wild” rather than being conscripted from birth for a life of wage-slavery.

If Golding knew anything about history, biology or evolution, he would know that human civilization is a drop in the ocean compared to genuine human existence.  Human civilization and agriculture only began a few thousand years ago whereas humanity itself spans back over millions of years.

It’s propaganda to enforce the notion that existence outside of civilization is complete madness, ignoring all the glories of mother nature and observations that prove without fail that living organisms (and groups of living organisms) are, by the laws of natural selection, destined to reach a point where they become stable and “one” with their environment, so-to-speak, so that nature doesn’t actually feel wild, in my opinion.  The eons spent as hunter gatherers were not pure chaos.  Mother nature is not that “stupid.”  Humans were not always running for their lives.  And perhaps death itself was not so bad in more natural states of mind.  We know that the hunter-gatherers, in general, lived more calm, peaceful, and stable lives than we do today, and with far more time on their hands for leisure, activity and adventure.  Their groups didn’t need a symbol of power to maintain stability or keep everyone together.  They naturally knew how to maintain peace and stability amongst themselves, otherwise they wouldn’t have survived to be the predecessors to all of this barbarism guised as human development, in my opinion.