I’m Not the Crazy One Here


Stuff like this is the reason those of us who are decent and “sane” in this world are driven to mental illness and insanity, in my opinion:


I will literally never stop harassing humanity until a basic social income and the basic necessities of life are guaranteed.   What the hell did we industrialize and develop all of this technology for if we’re just going to use fear of poverty to force human beings to work mindlessly towards nothing anyway?


This is what you do:  you vote for the parties and politicians that are genuinely interested in guaranteeing basic needs (food, water, shelter, health, and electricity)  for the entire population.  You don’t vote for the parties and politicians that do not have that as part of their campaign platform.  

What would be best is if progressive taxation was exponentially increased in order to achieve that.

It doesn’t mean everyone has equal wealth.  It doesn’t mean poor people are sitting around in Jacuzzi’s, sipping champagne, and listening to Chopin.