Intentions are everything!!!


The United States cannot support genocide one moment (ie. Gaza) and have the true intention of preventing genocide the next moment. People need to keep the intentions of any intervention straight at all times.

Those who pretend the United Stats government is out to help anyone on the planet but the US elite are either self-deluded or a servant of power at this point.



Western leaders need to stop exploiting genocide and Rwanda in order to justify further aggressive and self-serving intervention.

These people couldn’t care less about the lives of others and contribute to countless foreign policies that result in large scale death of human beings all the time.  Why would they suddenly care so much if another Rwanda took place or not???


Who is this person who cares so much about the lives of foreigners that they oppose limited interventionism by Western states?  Who is this person who cares so much about the lives of Third World peoples that they want to unleash the violence and brutality of Western military states onto those people to save them?

Find me the person who cares so much about the lives of non-Westerners that they want to use Western Imperialism to liberate such peoples and I’ll show that all you’ve done is ferret out a shameless, villainous LIAR.

Why Ukraine?


Those associated with the American government and who help forge American foreign policy have categorically shown that they don’t care about any human being on the planet including the American people at large, so why do they suddenly care so much about “helping” the Ukrainian people?

(This is why it’s dangerous for administrators of Academic institutions to propagate the idea that thought and how much “thinking” people in society are doing is solely restricted to revision/approval by “professionals,” in my opinion;- because the most obvious answers are discouraged and unacceptable and replaced by something that looks fancier but is often less accurate, in my opinion.

To be honest, having dealt with academic staff, faculty and administration, I actually notice that most people within the administration are actually quite nice and level-headed (ie. regular people.)  However, there is always one or two personalities that tend to occupy a generally high-level position within the staff of every faculty of every institution who seems to think that stamping out good ideas and blocking greater efficiency for the faculty and student body at large is part of his/her job requirement…)






What a miserable secretary of state, up to his neck in denial. And how unfriendly to Israel he is to retract his frank, genuine and friendly warning merely for fear of the lobby. Now millions of ignorant Americans, viewers of Fox News and its ilk, know that Israel is in no risk of becoming an apartheid state. They believe the power of Hamas and the sophistication of Qassam rocket pose an existential danger to Israel .


The naysayers can find countless differences between the apartheid of Pretoria and that of Jerusalem. Pretoria’s was openly racist and anchored in law; Jerusalem’s is denied and repressed, hidden beneath a heavy cloak of propaganda and messianic religious faith. But the result is the same. Some South Africans who lived under the system of segregation say that their apartheid was worse. I know South Africans who say that the version in…

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