Nobel Prize for Noam Chomsky


Why is it that those who contribute to nothing but war, terrorism, and bloodshed get Nobel Peace Prizes, but a true dissident like Noam Chomsky, who has proven time and time again that he is one of the only honest intellectuals (amongst the big-name intellectuals that is) left, goes unnoticed and unrecognized?

Yes, part of being a true dissident is that you do it despite the recognition, and sometimes in the face of more sinister forms of recognition, but I think that now is the time to right previous wrongs.  It’s pretty clear now who has been contributing to terror and who has been opposing it.

The Nobel Peace Prize committee has pretty much been pandering to the very vapid and unenlightened Western liberal mindset that wants to pretend that the West is genuinely level-headed and, thus, needs to act as the global policeman.  This is why they gave the prize to Barack Obama and Liu Xiaobo, in my opinion.

It’s a type of Western liberal PR tactic.

People who have contributed to nothing but war, violence and bloodshed:

Number of Nobel Peace Prizes shared amongst them: 3

Those who stood up against Western and Israeli terror while all other intellectuals were whitewashing the crimes:

Number of Nobel Peace Prizes shared amongst them: 0

The Daily Servant of Power


Today’s servant of power is:

Liu XiaoBo

The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner is notorious for his unwavering support of every US military campaign in history:

The major wars that the US became involved in are all ethically defensible.

-Liu XiaoBo, “Lessons from the Cold War” (1996)

Political views:

  • Unwavering support for the Bush administration’s war on Iraq
  • Unwavering support for Israeli aggression against its neighbours which he views as the fault of the “provocateur” Palestinians [1]
  • Views Islam as intolerant and blood-thirsty [1]

Rewards granted for shameless support of terror:

  • being played up as a hero in Western media outlets
  • 2010 Nobel Peace Prize
  • obvious expectation that the power of the West will inevitably rescue him from any dire circumstance including imprisonment