The Crooks and the Tyrants


Kevin Trudeau

via Kevin Trudeau, infamous TV pitchman, sentenced to prison – World – CBC News.

Trudeau is the type that will pathologically lie up until the very end, but it’s nice to see that there is at least some karma and justice being doled out in this world…

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60 Minutes

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60 Minutes

Russia and China’s mindless development that doesn’t take its people into account is always a hot topic for Western media outlets that are pawns within our system of mindless growth and consumption.

And what is with all the phony ignorance, questioning, and surprise at 3:28 like she had no information about the mall coming in and like she didn’t review her script right before hand to figure out what she was supposed to ask?

The Daily Servant of Power


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Saturday Night Live

What Saturday Night Live Teaches Us about the State of Western Propaganda

Weekend Update: May 16, 2009

Seth Meyers: Arizona State University this week decided not to give an honorary degree to President Barack Obama, who gave the commencement address at their graduation ceremony, claiming that he hasn’t accomplished enough. That brings us to a segment we like to call, “Really!?! with Seth & Amy.” 

Seth Meyers: And really, how are you not impressed enough with his accomplishments? Who are you, the Great Santini? What other accomplishments are you waiting for? Not only is he the first black President, he’s the first guy in history to get accepted by Harvard and get rejected by a safety school.

I mean, really? 

Amy Poehler: Really!? He could live to be 200, and the first entry on his Wikipedia page will still be, “first black President.”


via SNL Transcripts: Will Ferrell: 05/16/09: Weekend Update with Seth Meyers.

Weekend Update: October 2009

SETH MEYERS: In a surprise decision, President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Friday.

In other premature awards this week–

High school football player Billy Reynolds has been named this year’s Heisman Trophy winner.

Fifth grader Amber Collins has been named Miss America.

And nine-year-old Dylan Holt has been named People’s“Sexiest Man Alive.”

Another joke:

SETH MEYERS: President Obama reacted to his Nobel Peace Prize saying, ‘I accept this award as a call to action.’

That’s great, but just as a reminder, that’s what the election was, too.

via FREEDOM EDEN: SNL: Obama Nobel Prize Skit (Video).