Why Ukraine?


Those associated with the American government and who help forge American foreign policy have categorically shown that they don’t care about any human being on the planet including the American people at large, so why do they suddenly care so much about “helping” the Ukrainian people?

(This is why it’s dangerous for administrators of Academic institutions to propagate the idea that thought and how much “thinking” people in society are doing is solely restricted to revision/approval by “professionals,” in my opinion;- because the most obvious answers are discouraged and unacceptable and replaced by something that looks fancier but is often less accurate, in my opinion.

To be honest, having dealt with academic staff, faculty and administration, I actually notice that most people within the administration are actually quite nice and level-headed (ie. regular people.)  However, there is always one or two personalities that tend to occupy a generally high-level position within the staff of every faculty of every institution who seems to think that stamping out good ideas and blocking greater efficiency for the faculty and student body at large is part of his/her job requirement…)