Direct Democracy


Ideally, there would be direct democracy for urban centres existing side-by-side with self-directed spiritual communes in the countryside (with roughly ten thousand people per commune.)

The urban centres would utilize high-efficiency capitalism where VERY limited inequality maintains competition rather than any poverty.  In order to maintain this inequality, extra output could just be given to the communes rather than destroyed through war.


This photo is exemplary of the way we (the public) should deal with the state when it comes to military intervention. (Please ignore the historical context of this photo. I’m just using the photo as an illustration.)

We should always be trying to hold back the natural imperialistic desires and military aggression of any state. The only time we should ever “let go” and allow the military might of any state to wreak havoc (for selfish intent) is for EXTREMELY dangerous opponents (eg. Nazi Germany) where the growing threat is so great, the people of one’s country could potentially be taken over and RULED by a new power. (ie. use self-defense for REAL self-defense.)

And it’s never the Heroic American Eagle vs the Big Bad. It will always just be Freddy vs. Jason and Jason better be EXTREMELY dangerous to justify any type of military intervention.


Who is this person who cares so much about the lives of foreigners that they oppose limited interventionism by Western states?  Who is this person who cares so much about the lives of Third World peoples that they want to unleash the violence and brutality of Western military states onto those people to save them?

Find me the person who cares so much about the lives of non-Westerners that they want to use Western Imperialism to liberate such peoples and I’ll show that all you’ve done is ferret out a shameless, villainous LIAR.

The Daily Servant of Power


Today’s servant of power is:

Liu XiaoBo

The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner is notorious for his unwavering support of every US military campaign in history:

The major wars that the US became involved in are all ethically defensible.

-Liu XiaoBo, “Lessons from the Cold War” (1996)

Political views:

  • Unwavering support for the Bush administration’s war on Iraq
  • Unwavering support for Israeli aggression against its neighbours which he views as the fault of the “provocateur” Palestinians [1]
  • Views Islam as intolerant and blood-thirsty [1]

Rewards granted for shameless support of terror:

  • being played up as a hero in Western media outlets
  • 2010 Nobel Peace Prize
  • obvious expectation that the power of the West will inevitably rescue him from any dire circumstance including imprisonment