There should be no limit to how much a person can push in the right direction.

Alpha Male


Very few leaders are complete without their counsellors because to be lost is to be human.

Society wants to make it seem like a man is supposed to be completely independent right away and instantly know exactly what to do.  All that this has resulted in is a society of perfected means but no aims whatsoever and shows that most men (and perhaps most people) are better at accomplishing tasks with absolutely no clue why they are doing them.

Keep one eye on…


Keep one eye on decency while focusing on your life.

That’s it. That’s all a person really has to do in my opinion. Anyone who wants to be more sacrificial (on a genuine level) is more than welcome (and such sacrifices are commendable,) but I think the above idea is already more than fair, especially because it doesn’t involve exploiting others in the name of “helping” them.

“I’m a Selfish Narcissist” Day


I’m not pure.  I’m a selfish narcissist.

It wouldn’t hurt to have a day where everyone wears a wristband with the above slogan only because I find that normal humans have no problem saying such statements.  It’s only the truly wicked ones that can never seem to mutter such words on a pathological and biological level it seems.  It’s almost wired into their psyches or something.

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Have you ever known someone for many years who you thought was your friend but who suddenly began acting like they didn’t know you anymore · who just started conforming and going along with someone who he/she thought was better than you · who started bullying you and making you feel like you did something wrong over the tiniest mistakes, but was completely fine when the new person committed the same thing or much worse?

That’s the everyday equivalent of being a servant of power.  Intellectuals just do it on a broader level and with the institutions that determine the use of weaponry.

The Fastest Solution to the Samantha Power Situation